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Usernames must be unique as the user will be using it to login to the Hatsize Web Portal. 

Usernames can contain letters, numbers, hyphens (-), underscores (_), and at signs (@). 

For additional details about the user fields, hover over the icon and information will appear.

To create a new User, click Create New and complete the following steps: 


  1. Enter the user's real first name in the First Name field.
  2. Enter the user's real last name in the Last Name field.
  3. Enter a username for the user in the User Name field.
  4. Enter the user's email address in the Email field.
  5. Enter a password for the user to use to log in to the Hatsize Web Portal in the New Password field.  Enter the same password again into the Verify Password field.
  6. (Optional) Select a timezone for the user.  (Leave blank to prompt user to select their own timezone the first time they log in.)
  7. Select a role from the Role drop-down list.
    • You may create users that have a lessor role than you.


  1. Account license type:
    • Regular:  when set to 'No', the user will need to accept the License Agreement on their initial log in.
    • Generic:  when set to 'Yes', the user will need to accept the terms of the License Agreement each time they log in.
  2. Account status:
    1. Enabled
    2. Disabled (user will not longer be able to log in)
  3. Password change:
    1. Allowed: users may set their own passwords
    2. Restricted: only Administrators and Managers may change the password for this user
  4. EULA:
    1. Not accepted
    2. Accepted
  5. Require password change upon next log in (select the box to force a user to change their password upon next log in)

Click Create to create the new User and continue to the Assign Groups screen.