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To ensure that an event loads properly, an event must be scheduled and all users must be assigned at least two hours before the start time. If you make any changes to the event during the two hour window prior to start time, those changes will not be accommodated and the event may not load properly.

To create a new Instructor Led event:

  1. On the Manage Events page, click Create New.

    The Select a Template page displays.  This page allows you to sort templates by Name or Description and search templates.  
  2. Select a template best suited for the event type that you are creating.
  3. Select Continue to proceed to the New Event page.

Templates are a set of specified parameters that have been compiled into a template using Templates.

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4.  The New Event page displays.

     To configure your new event, setup the following:

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  1. On the New Event page, enter the Event Name. The Event Name is visible to students and instructors, so it must be user-friendly and be easily identifiable.
  2. To ensure that the event is only seen by other schedulers in a specific organizational group, from the Organization drop-down list, select the organization.

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  1. Fill in the following fields as applicable:
    1. Instructor Slots, enter the total number of instructors.
    2. Assistant Slots, enter the total number of assistants.
    3. Student Slots, enter the total number of students.
  2. Instructor Advanced Start:
    1. Enter the number of hours of advanced/early access that the instructor requires.  During the Instructor Advanced Start, the instructor may access their own kit, as well as the students' kits.  Students will not be able to enter their labs until the Student Session Start.
    2. If Instructor Advanced Start is enabled, the Advanced Instructor Start is used as the total Event Start Time for duration calculation purposes.  (Even though students cannot log into the lab early, their kits are still spun up in order for the instructor to access them, and therefore consuming resources.)
  3. Enter the Session(s) information .
    1. Enter the Start Date.
    2. Enter the Start Time.  Click 'Start now' if you would like the event to begin provisioning immediately.
    3. Enter the End Date.
    4. Enter the End Time.
    5. From the Timezone drop-down list, select a timezone.
  4. From the Location drop-down list, select a location.
  5. Enter the deployment information:
    1. Select Use the following, and select the pod(s) on which to host the event from the drop-down list.
    2. Select Pick Automatically and Hatsize automatically selects the ideal pod at the time of the session.
  6.  To display a graph depicting the resource usage for the pod(s), click View Resources .  The View Resources icon is displayed to the right of date and time fields only if it is enabled. If Pick Automatically was selected then the graph depicts the resource usage of every pod.
  7. To send an email to an instructor or other user whenever someone logs into the Web Portal and starts this event:
    1. Check the box to enable Presence Detector.
    2. In the Email Address field, enter an email address. Enter multiple email addresses by placing a comma between each address.
  8. To allow users the option of specifying their reason for accessing the Web Portal at each login:
    1. Check the box to enable Session Purposes.
    2. Select a purpose from the drop-down list.
  9. Click Create and you will automatically proceed to the Assign Users page.

If any scheduling problems are found with the event, you will receive an error message stating the problem and you will be required to change the option and re-submit the event.   

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Classroom is enabled as part of the lab configuration and may not be available in all events.

 To add a classroom to the event:

  1.  Select a classroom from the drop-down.
  2. Leave Start/End time Same as Lab.
    Or, specify a different Start/End Time, and select Start and End times, as well as Timezone.

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