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As an instructor, it is important to ensure that you have an understanding of how the Hatsize Web Portal functions. You maintain a leadership role and will be providing mentorship to students. This section will provide you with the information necessary to provide this assistance to students.

  1. Review your Confirmation Emails.  Use the information (date, time, username, password, etc.) found in the Confirmation Emails to enter the Hatsize website. 
  2. Complete the Logging in procedure.
  3. Complete the  License Agreement procedure.
  4. Select your Time Zone.
  5. Complete the Check my Computer procedure.

After you successfully enter the website, and if an Administrator has assigned you to a class, the class displays on the Training Schedule page.

Classes are either open all day or will have specific start and end times. Classes with specific start and end times can only be accessed during that time. Classes that are open all day can be accessed at any time. The Administrator will have set up a timeline for the class and the class must be completed during this time frame.

In this section we will discuss a number of features that are indicated in the Training Schedule example depicted below, including editing the class announcement and the instructor's bio. We will also discuss elements of the class itself, such as, course materials, resources, links and the class list

Before you start your lab, it's useful to note the location of your account details (if that option is available to you), where to log out of the portal, where to obtain support information and if needed, how to contact support via the Regional or Technical Support tab.

To access the course click Enter Lab.

Hatsize_Lab_View_Instructor_HTML5_QuickRefCard_v1 3.pdf 
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