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This feature is available to users based on role.   Contact your site administrator if you would like to edit email templates.

Click  to toggle between the Training Schedule and the administration menus.

Organization Email Footer Details must be provided in order to enable emails. If you receive a warning message that the footer details have not been provided, see Organizations.

Event Templates

For detailed descriptions of the email templates, see Email Template Descriptions.

Status:  Each email template can be individually enabled/disabled:

  • Set status to Enabled to send event emails Manually or Automatically.  Enable Advanced Mode to configure different emails based on geographic location.
  • Set status to Disabled if you do not want a particular email to be generated.

Action:  To Edit an email template, select the pencil beside the template or click the Edit link of the template.

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The email template page will display:

  1. Enter the description that you would like to appear in the subject line of the email into the Mail Subject field.
  2. In the Mail Body field, input the text that you would like to appear in the body of the confirmation email.  You can add substitutions to the text of the body of the email which will customize the email to each individual user. For available substitutions see the list displayed. 
  3. Set the Status of each email template to either be Enabled, Yes or No.
  4. Click Save.

Under the Mail Body section, you will see a list of "short codes" which can be used in either the Subject or Mail Body section.  These codes will insert the value as noted, such as [FIRST_NAME].  The list of available codes will vary based on template.


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Automatic Emails

  • If applicable, enter the time that you would like the email to be sent out prior to the Event by inputting the time in the appropriate Day(s), Hour(s) and Minute(s) fields.  
  • To enable this feature, event emails must be send automatically


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Advanced Mode

Advanced mode applies to Instructor Led Event Emails only.

  1. Select Advanced Mode to configure emails for instructors/assistants and students - per geographic location (if available).
  2. Select OK to enable Advanced Mode, or Cancel to go back.

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