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To edit the template content:

  1. On the Manage Templates page, select the Template Name link of the template you wish to edit.
  2. Select Edit Content.


  1. Select Edit Page.
  2. The WordPress Editor opens in a new tab/window.
    1.  How to enable a link in materials to automatically open a new tab and/or display different text
      1. When adding your link, select the icon
      2. Enter the external link in the text box (URL / link to PDF / etc.) and then select this icon: 
      3. In the "Insert/edit link" window, you can adjust:
        1. URL
        2. Link Text: this is the text that will be displayed to users - it can be different than the URL
        3. Open link in a new tab: adding a checkmark will automatically open the link in a new browser tab when users click on it
  3. Enter your custom content. Video file formats are not currently supported.
  4. Click Update.
  5. To close the WordPress Editor, close the browser tab.

The WordPress Editor has many editing options available to customize your message. For example, the ability to add links to access external web sources and to upload media (i.e. videos and images).  For more information on editing WordPress pages, refer to

Self-Paced Exercises:

  1. Click on  you can now add in the title for your first lab exercise.
  2. Now that you've created your first lab exercise title it will bring you to the content section where you can input any information pertaining to your labs.
  3. Once you've inputted your content it will now display on the Self-Paced Content area within the students lab.

Buttons associated to the content editor

  1. Send to System

  2. Insert/Edit Video