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Follow these steps to create multiple user accounts by uploading an Excel (or CSV) file.

  1. Under User Management, click Import, as noted below:
  2. The Bulk User Import page displays.  This page provides details on the different fields and options for uploading a file of new users.  Download the Import Template, or use your own template. 

    Required Fields:Tips
    UsernameMust be unique within the system.
    First NameMin 2 characters.
    Last NameMin 2 characters.
    EmailDoes not need to be unique.
    PasswordSpecial characters are allowed.
    GroupGroup must exist already in order to assign user to group via bulk upload.
    Optional Fields:Use Y/N, Yes/No, 1/0
    RoleLeave blank for 'User'.
    Options are:  User, Scheduler, Manager.
    Generic AccountIf set, limits user from changing profile.
    Leave blank for 'No'.
    Restrict User Password ChangeIf set, limit user's ability to change their password.
    Leave blank for 'No'
    Change PasswordIf set, requires user to change their password upon next log in.
    Leave blank for 'No'.
  3. If you have prepared and saved the bulk user file for uploading, proceed to selecting the file for upload. Click the Browse button to locate the file on your local machine.
  4. Click the Continue button to start the import.
    The User Import Complete page will display successfully created users and failed attempts.


    If a user already exists you will prompted to overwrite their account.